Flat Tires are a bummer

Three Causes of a Flat Tireand What to Do If You Get One

No matter where you’re headed, getting a flat tire on the way there can certainly put a damper on your day. Knowing the causes—both manmade and natural—of flat tires can help you prepare. This article will cover 3 common causes of flat tires, as well as what to do when you find yourself with a flat tire.

1. Puncture by sharp object

The most common cause of a flat tire is a sharp object puncturing the tire.This object could be a nail, debris, or even purposeful tire slashing. When a tire is punctured, it may or may not cause the tire to go flat. The sharp object may miss the lining of the tire, or the lining may be completely sealed around the object. A tire pressure test can help assess whether the sharp object is causing air to leak out of your tires. If the pressure of the punctured tire is lower than normal, it is important to either patch or replace the tire.

2. Weather conditions

Have you ever woken up the morning of a heat wave or cold spell and seen the tire light on in your car? Significant drops or increases in temperature can cause your tire pressure to decrease or increase respectively. Heat is the particular culprit when it comes to flat tires. When the temperature outside rises, the air inside the tire expands, raising the tire pressure. If the tire pressure becomes too high—when the air expands beyond what the tire walls can hold—the tire can pop, causing a flat tire. (Similarly, over-inflating your tires can cause them to pop.) Routinely monitoring your tire pressure can help avoid this situation; if the tire pressure seems abnormal, do not drive on the tire.

3. Wear and tear

Finally, even if you avoid debris and hazards and live in a consistent climate, wear and tear can still cause your tires to go flat. The recommended number of miles between tire replacements is 25,000 to 50,000, depending on the climate, road conditions, type of tire, and other variables. Once the tires are beyond their recommended lifespan, they can start to wear down. This can cause leaks in the tires’ rubber, which can lead to a flat tire.

Even if you know the causes of a flat tire, you can still end up with one. In fact, the average American will encounter 5 flat tires in his or her lifetime. It is important to know what to do when you have a flat tire. We highly recommend contacting roadside assistance. Roadside assistance can send a towing service to help you safely get your car to a garage where your tire can be replaced. Roadside assistance can be especially helpful in the event of a late-night flat tire, or a flat tire in an unfamiliar area. Regardless of when and where your flat tire happens, knowing you can contact a reliable towing service when you need one can help make a stressful situation more manageable.  Sponsored by Towing Service Worcester MA

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