Concrete Paving vs. Concrete Pouring

I’ve always liked the look of concrete hardscaping but I’ve only recently discovered that there’s more than one way to install concrete — apparently you’ve got concrete paving and poured concrete slabs. Pouring wet concrete onsite and leaving it to dry as one huge concrete slab is one option (which can also be stamped with a pattern to give it a tile-like appearance), and the other is when smaller concrete blocks arrive already prepared and are ready to install. To get into further detail, you can get 2 types of concrete pavers; one is called architectural pavers which is better aesthetically but thinner, and the other is interlocking pavers which are sturdier and better for parking spaces, driveways, etc.

Now what about costs and durability? While poured concrete is the more affordable option, paving is far sturdier and has a tried and proven longer lifespan than poured concrete.

So depending on what you’re looking for, you might want either one. If you’re looking to save some money short term, poured concrete might be for you. But for the long term it seems like concrete paving is the way to go.

Thanks to our buddies in Concrete Contractors Santa Maria CA for the useful information.